Made in the most powerful, peaceful and sacred places on Earth

Over the last 22 years I have offered my Sacred Site Pilgrimage Groups, and Star Elder Session clients, flower essence blends to balance, harmonize, open, and protect. You can buy one or all of these blends on this web site, or buy all the individual essences to make your own. Buying a 1 ounce dosage bottle from me is more affordable, and you don't have to blend them. But do what is easiest or right for you. Either way you go, The Star Elders and I wanted you to have the blends as they will help us glide through the volatile energies that are coming and in the near future. The blends are listed below. Healing Waters ~ Bach and FES     Star Flower Essences ~ Peruvian Orchid line     Sacred Site Essences ~ Made in Sacred Sites by Aluna Joy

Our on-line store is closed for a while for some much needed self care time.
Thank you for understanding.

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